Jane and Jone Intemational Company Ltd and its manufacturing arm,MayYuen(Pan  Yu)Dyeing and Finishing Ltd has been active in the research and development of apparel dyeing and finishing to meet the ever volatile customers's requirements on product effects.Itsfounder,Mr.Ngai Fai has over 50 years of experience in dyeing and finishing.With his consisten pursuit on customers's satisfaction,MayYuen has been renowned for its innovation and quality of work in garment processing.Back in 1969 when it was established in Hong Kong,May Yuen involved a lot in commission bleaching,dyeing,slashing and various washing,It is committed to providing customers with the quality services througn the application of modem techniques such as bio wash,chemical sand wash,desizing wash, enzyme wash, garment wash,pigment wash,super pigment wash, silicone wash, snow wash, garment bleach, tie bleach, garment dye,  spray dye, dip dye, tie dye,strain resist, hand brush and print etc, and prestigious dyestuffs and chemicats suppliers such as Bayer and DyStar, Its customers include Levis, Texwood, Pepe,Wrangler,Liz Claibome, the Gap, Limited Express, Esprit, DKNY,Mexx and many others, Noto-worthy product types of the company include Sunbath fabric, Crepe garment effect and Garment dye, In particular, the sunbath fabric,which involved special wet treatment and followed by sunlight drying was very popular in the 80's and the total prodcution of this type of garment reached 10 million units.

MayYuen(Pan Yu)was established in a site of some 80,000 square feet in Pan Yu, China in 1993 to continue its commitment of providing first class services to customers,In view of the increasing popularity of fashion effects in the market, MayYuen(Pan Yu)has devoted much effort in the development of specialist effects, namely Powder Dye,Powder wash, Water Wash, Antique Print, Metallic Print, Wet Look, Tie Screen, Pearl Chain, Silk Speed, Canoe Team etc, for better customer service. it spares no effort in building the equipment and facilities for this end and has successfully excelled itself in meeting the sophisticated modem apparel dyeing and finishing demands. In particular, the Powder Dye, which is a NEW METHOD of apparel finishing and the products are well received by customers. This new dyeing and finishing  method has been successfully patented recently. During its past 30 years of  operation, MayYuen(Pan Yu)has processed over 1,000 million pieces of garment and its performance has gained the confidence and recognition of its customers.

MayYuen(Pan Yu)is in the process of building a Garment Effect vertical set-up in order to facilitate synergy of garment making and the special effect processing. The garment factory will be ready to serve customers by early next year.

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